Gastronomy on the Costa del Sol

The region has been the lands of various Gastronomy cultures as well as the centre of maritime trade and port to the Indies. The great contrasts of the landscape and climate enables a wide range of a cuisine in variety as it is rich in flavours. Andalucía region’s famous dishes include; gazpacho and ajo blanco (made from grape, garlic and almond), fritura mixta or pescaito frito (a fish dish).

Rice dishes such as Paella are combined with shell fish and vegetables or chicken and rabbit and are a favourite by the beach at lunch time.

The cuisine and gastronomy of Costa del Sol has the great influence of former cultures alive that includes the Phoenician style of salting, Arab cuisine which helped agriculture and garden products flourish and Roman appreciation for oils and garlic.

One of the best end most enjoyable dishes I find are the Dorada (Gilt head bream) or Lubina (Sea bass). Completely fresh fish baked in the oven with or grilled with just a touch of garlic and olive oil, served with fresh vegetables or salad and eaten in a restaurant overlooking the sea with a glass of white Rueda wine is one of the most fabulous gastronomic experiences one can have …..

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